Museum Collections Documentation and Data Cleaning

Museum Collections Documentation and Data Cleaning


This self-paced online course is the first of its kind to be developed by the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN). The course covers a variety of topics related to documentation and data cleaning. The course consists of seven modules that cover a variety of topics, including introductions to documentation and data cleaning, documentation policies and plans, data entry, data cleanup, data migration and documentation problem solving. Documentation and data cleaning is important knowledge for all staff and volunteers at an institution, and this course aims to provide introductory knowledge and tools on this important topic.

Why should you take this course?

  • To increase your knowledge of museum documentation
  • To improve the quality of your museum data
  • To discover new tools and methods of museum documentation

What You'll Learn

  • Why it’s important to document museum collections
  • How to plan a documentation project
  • How to clean museum data
  • How to develop and plan a strategy for data migration
  • What the solutions are to common documentation problems

Effort - number of hours to complete

Each module in this course varies in length and the amount of effort required. Each module will take approximately 1–2 hours to complete. There are optional exercises throughout the course, which may increase the time required for completion.

Who Will Benefit

Those with needs ranging from little to no experience in museum documentation and/or cataloguing to experienced collections managers looking for advice on specific documentation challenges. This course would also be useful training when onboarding new staff and volunteers.