Research Data Management

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Research Data Management is a self-directed micro-course, designed to assist emerging scholars with managing research data from start to finish.

Explore data management strategies via the course’s interactive content, engaging animations, and video clips. Learn from the first-hand experiences of experts and emerging scholars. Work through the course at your own pace and schedule - and download the Learning Journal to find reflection questions and professional development activities that you can revisit throughout your researcher’s journey.

What You'll Learn

  • Explore the concept, relevance, and benefits of research data management.
  • Examine principles and policies underpinning research data management.
  • Examine dimensions and applications of a research data lifecycle.
  • Explore strategies for planning and managing research data from inception to completion.
  • Reflect upon various examples and your own approach to digital data management practices.
  • Formulate a data management plan for a research project.

Learning Journal

Reflective questions and learning activities are embedded into each module to guide and further develop your own data management practices. These activities are intended to be applied to a current project, or they can be based on a provided scenario if you do not have a current project.

Download the Learning Journal for the Research Data Management course. Compile your notes as you progress through the course. Or return to the reflexive learning activities at your convenience.

How It Works

Course Length
6-8 hours

Online, On-Demand



Who Will Benefit

Today’s emerging scholars need to ensure they develop and sustain data management competencies to adapt within and beyond an evolving academic environment as part of their professional development practices. This course is designed for graduate students and emerging scholars, but it is relevant to anyone wanting an introduction to research data management.

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