Digital innovation

Digital Transformation Leadership Certificate

Transform your business through the adoption of new technologies, the formation of new strategies, and the conceptualization of new business models.

Decoding Disruptive Technologies

Understand, adopt, and implement innovative new technologies that are pervading all aspects of everyday life.

This is the first course in the Digital Transformation Leadership Certificate.

Crafting a Digital Strategy

Develop a digital strategy which addresses both risk and opportunities from a business leadership perspective.

This is the second course in the Digital Transformation Leadership Certificate.

Leading Transformational Change

Learn how you can successfully navigate your organization through the human side of digital transformation.

This is the third course in the Digital Transformation Leadership Certificate.

Implementing a Digital Future

Implement a change experience with the goal of building your organization’s “change muscles” to make it more fit and agile.

This is the fourth and final course in the Digital Transformation Leadership Certificate.

Using Machine Learning for Competitive Advantage

Adopt machine learning technologies in your organization to drive business results.

Digital Wellness 101: Optimizing Your Time & Energy

PowerED™ by Athabasca University has partnered with the Digital Wellness Institute (DWI) to develop a 1 - 3 hour micro-course, Digital Wellness 101: Optimizing Your Time & Energy.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics: An Introduction

This course introduces the background you’ll need to understand the application and limitations of AI and helps you find tools to ethically align AI projects with your organization’s goals and values.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics: Data

Data is a necessary input for AI systems but there are questions around the protection of privacy and the creation of a surveillance culture in the over collection of data.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics: Machine Learning Models

Machine Learning Models - This course provides context for how machine learning models actually work and tackles the question of how these models can be designed in ways that better align with core ethical principles.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics: Roboethics

What happens when robots take on tasks that have traditionally been performed by human workers and caregivers? What role do companies and other stakeholders have to play in ensuring that robots are designed, built, sold, and used responsibly?

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