Health & Life Sciences

Rural Revitalization: Enhancing Rural and Regional Communities

Explore rural revitalization through a series of six key modules that affect all small Alberta communities through a series of case studies and an interactive AI planning simulation.

Embracing Allyship & Inclusion

This self-directed micro-course has been created to help organizations recognize discriminatory practices, develop inclusive behaviours, and lay the groundwork for meaningful allyship, in the workplace and beyond!

Anti-Indigenous Racism and Discrimination

Take an in-depth exploration of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, addressing colonization's impact, anti-Indigenous racism, and disparities in healthcare. It equips learners to advocate for transformative change and genuine allyship.

Navigating Advocacy

Becoming an ally is not as simple as self-declaring one’s allyship to an equity-deserving group. It requires conscientious listening, learning, reflection, and action to show that you truly support and advocate for others.

Purpose & Flow: Future-Proof Your Goals

Build a life that leaves you feeling energized, connected, and ready to tackle daily goals and challenges!

Navigating Extraordinary Times

This online, self-directed micro-course has been created to provide you with strategies, tools, and frameworks to successfully navigate the new realities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elevate Your Personal Brand

This course is for everyone. It focuses on developing self-awareness to build a stronger and better understanding of how personal branding can help you step out from your own shadow!

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